Turning your dream kitchen into a reality.

Kitchen by Design, based in Sandton, is all about your dream kitchen. We offer locally designed kitchens for a niche clientele. We will design, manufacture and install your dream kitchen.

The kitchen is the very heart of the home and the hub of all the happenings. The family centres around the kitchen and many kitchen could tell wonderful stories if they could speak.

Your kids and their friends follow you into the kitchen to get involved with the cooking and learn about food. Wives sit in the kitchen with their galpals drinking wine, eating snacks and sharing wife and mother stories.  Husbands and other men folk gather round the fridge and the beer, getting ice for their hardtack and eating the snacks produced for them from the kitchen. The guys are also the people most likely to raid the fridge for their midnight snacks when they’ve been out with the boys, or have a problem at the office and can’t sleep.

Friends and relatives wander in and out of the kitchen whilst you’re preparing the dinner party to which you’ve invited them. Colleagues secretly inspect your kitchen whilst they’re enjoying the cocktail party at your home which they’re attending. Likewise, in similar situations you find yourself almost furtively checking out other people’s kitchens.

If that’s not enough we’re constantly reminded by Gordon Ramsay, Ina Garten, Masterchef and other TV programmes just how much of an important role the kitchen plays in everyone’s lives.

You can be single with a cat, a plant and a can opener; or married with a family, friends, cookbooks, modern hi tech equipment and a desire for fine dining. You can fall asleep in your lounge and use a public toilet but your kitchen is the main part of your castle. It’s personal, it’s individual and it’s yours.

If it’s not your pride and joy then you need to call us because it’s in use and on show every day of your life. Contact us today – we can work wonders!

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