Keeping Your Counter Tops Clean 1

Keeping Your Counter Tops Clean 1

Keeping Your Counter Tops Clean 1 


Cleaning and maintaining your kitchen counter tops is essential for hygiene and also promotes durability, and a good looking kitchen. All the different surfaces require different cleaning and maintenance treatments.

Kitchen By Design can advise you on the hygiene techniques required to clean and maintain which ever surface you already have or will choose to have. We have prepared detailed instructions for the cleaning and maintenance of eleven of the most popular counter top materials especially to assist you. They are listed in this section.

You need to know exactly what material is used for your counter tops. Confusingly, some materials look alike yet require different handling. If you're not sure – don't guess and so spoil your counter tops – ask and be confident with the right cleaning method.

Generally speaking, the best plan is always to clean as you cook. When working on your counter tops, irrespective of the material, whenever you spill, splash, drop food or stain, make a point of cleaning up the mess immediately – right there and then. To leave the cleaning for even, say, 15 minutes, could cause damage and staining. Knowing how to prevent this will preserve your counter tops for much longer. You want to keep them looking good, lasting long, and still receiving compliments – and you can!

Don't leave wine glasses or dirty plates sitting there for hours, and especially not overnight. All too often a rim of wine forms at the base of the glass – which isn't easily seen – and it stains permanently. Dirty plates can easily get a rim of grease at the bottom of the plate and, if not cleaned immediately, this also can cause ugly permanent staining.

You might says that's a no brainer and you would never do that, but when you have guests and you've cooked and it's late and you're tired, you might find yourself thinking that just one night wouldn't hurt. Unfortunately, it would. So if you don't do the dishes that night, at least get them into the dish washer and clean your counter tops.

Also watch out for tomatoes, citrus fruits, vinegar (unless otherwise stated below), coffee, lemon juice, wine, olive oil, and even some makeup spills; and be sure to wear rubber gloves when cleaning.

Don't take the heat proof, scratch proof surfaces for granted; rather use a pot stand or trivet and a chopping board and be safe and more hygienic.

For more specifics read the detailed counter top cleaning instructions in this series. Kitchen By Design want you to enjoy the counter tops they installed for you for a very long time.