Remodelling Your Kitchen 1

Remodelling Your Kitchen 1

Remodelling Your Kitchen 1


Thinking About It

If youre thinking about having your kitchen remodelled, youve probably looked at dozens of magazines, viewed lots of designs in different showrooms, spent hours surfing the net, and even done the weekend rounds of high end show houses to get some idea of whats out there. 

Usually, whatever material change we want to make in our lives, we’re sensible about it and go through all the preplanning stages of looking, comparing, viewing, pricing, etc.

When it comes to kitchens there’s a lot to see and a person can get blown away by the winds of confusion with all the amazing new ideas, products, materials, appliances, designs ,etc., available these days. So you need to be really careful when considering the remodelling of your kitchen.

You’ve possibly narrowed things down to a range of colours, a choice of finishes, a selection of appliances and yet can’t quite envision the final look. This is where a Kitchen Designer should be called in – if only for an early consult – just to get some idea of how to make all the ‘pieces’ fit. Kitchen By Design can show you how to get the look you want, how to make it work, and we can give you a good idea of costs involved – even at this early stage.

You probably have a list of all the things that just aren’t right with your current kitchen design. Maybe you need more space, or the space you have hasn’t been properly utilised. Perhaps it has the wrong look or you’ve simply outgrown it and now have the money to treat yourself to something better. Whatever the reasons – and your reasons are a good basis to work from – there are a lot of other things to be taken into consideration before embarking on such a big project.

Ask yourself what you expect of your kitchen and rather first consider your needs that your desires. It serves no purpose having a kitchen that has all the latest appliances and gadgetry if your family doesn’t use it and enjoy hanging out there. So think carefully about you and your family’s lifestyle and needs. Start with the equipment you will need and then think about the look.

Appliances and fittings to be considered will be what dishwasher, refrigerator and freezer and how many? What type of stove and grill? Will it be best to have your cupboards and drawers under the counters? What type of storage space do you need – perhaps a pantry? How much working surface will you need to prepare food? Will you have a breakfast nook or a dining table? Do you have sufficient space for this in your current kitchen area or will a wall have to be removed? Kitchen By Design will advise you on space available and alternative ideas.

How many people are there that you regularly cook for will have a large bearing on these decisions. Perhaps you family is small but you have friends round for dinner parties on a weekly basis. Perhaps you have a large family and friends keep dropping by. Your regularly circumstances need to go into the equation. What is your preferred and usual lifestyle? Do you enjoy spending time in the kitchen cooking or are you more of a frozen dinners and other convenience food family?

Because of our busy overly demanding work and life schedules people seem to cook less. However, there is a growing tendency towards spending more time in the kitchen. As a result of this, the newest trend for kitchens is that they are becoming larger and it looks as though there is a return to the kitchen being the hub of the home. Not with the same emphasis on cooking – as it was for our forebears of yesteryear – but because family quality time is gaining prominence.

There is a move towards modern stylish kitchens with time and labour saving appliances and gadgetry. These kitchens still have the feel of the traditional, home and hearth family kitchen.

Call us at Kitchen By Design and we’ll show you designs to dream about.