Remodelling Your Kitchen 2

Remodelling Your Kitchen  2

Remodelling Your Kitchen 2


Personalising It

Now you've decided what you need from a kitchen and how it will feature in your life, you can begin to consider what style or look you want, and think about how it will be designed and decorated.

If you have a certain look in mind, be sure to make a list of pointers about what that look represents to you. Sometimes people may speak of a country or farmhouse look but actually what they are referring to what is known as a rustic design, so don’t assume everyone knows what you mean by just a name, make sure you get the look you want by writing a description of the main features.

Kitchen by Design will help you to think outside the box: so before making this decision, call in a Kitchen Designer. Maybe you don’t enjoy cooking and have a preference for convenience foods, so maybe a breakfast bar will be just right to meet your needs. For those who are dedicated cooks and entertain on a grand scale, you might like to consider joining the trend towards an outside kitchen.

You only have to look at the great world class chef Gordon Ramsay as an example – he has a kitchen in the house and one built specially for him in his garden; and he’s not the only one to have two kitchens. There are a great many people who are not celebrities or chefs but who do a lot of entertaining and who have their main kitchen built on the grounds of the house but not in the house. It’s based on the same principle as having a painting studio or a private study on the grounds. Having a main kitchen outdoors is perfect and practical for so many families – you’ll wonder why you never thought of it before.

Whatever you choose, when remodelling your kitchen, the design part is crucial to a successful remodelling. A good kitchen design is one that encompasses your lifestyle and personality, because that will give you pleasure and ease of living for years into the future.

If you’re mad about cooking and produce an enormous amount of home cooked food then you’ll need to think stoves and convection ovens, hot plates and hobs, grills and rotisseries and lots of working surface. However, if convenience food and frozen dinners are more your things, then you need to think refrigerators and freezers with extra freezer drawers for storage, hot plates and hobs, microwaves and grills.

A great kitchen design is one that’s totally personalised around you and your family’s needs so that it really is the hub of your home. It should mirror you and your family’s personality and also reflect your style. Also, it should be cost and time efficient, stylish and yet still a place in which the family can relax.

Not only will it receive envious glances from visitors, people will be naturally drawn to it as the centre for all things family.

A bad design is one that might look impressive but not accommodate your needs, making it impractical. Although it may receive compliments from visitors, you will resent it. Kitchen by Design will explain to you how to achieve this and also show you variations of what could work for you and your lifestyle.

Appliances, counters, floors, cupboards, textures and colours, etc., must be designed in such a way that you have all that you need, where you need it; that you like the look of it, and you are comfortable in that space.

You may think that’s a tall order but not really. In the hands of Kitchen by Design, our experts will be happy to listen to you and your ideas and share their own. This may take a lot of discussion but you’ll enjoy the experience. Talking about colours, paints, finishes, different materials of counter tops, cupboards, drawers, tiles, textures, lighting, appliances, etc., etc., until you have a very clear idea of the design and layout – use of space – is a vital part of the process but it can also be fun and very rewarding.

Call us at Kitchen by Design and we’ll show you how we can personalise your kitchen.