Remodelling Your Kitchen 3

Remodelling Your Kitchen 3

Remodelling Your Kitchen 3


Choosing Your Work Triangle

A work triangle in a kitchen constitutes the distances between the sink, the stove (or cooking appliance), and the refrigerator. 

It is therefore the lifestyle which you and your family have developed over the years that will dictate the type of work triangle that will be installed as being the one most appropriate to your needs. The work triangle varies according to the family and their needs, but when it is designed correctly, it should present the most well organised, time and labour efficient layout in the kitchen for food preparation.

Kitchen by Design will explain to you how it’s all about the design. Whether you’re planning a remodel or a whole new kitchen, you need to consult with a Kitchen Designer and discuss design issues at length until you can decide on the right work triangle and floor plan for you.

Below are a few basic shapes and layouts for you to consider and perhaps get some ideas:

Central Island

A very popular model for kitchens is to create a kitchen island. It increases your storage space, provides a place to cook, eat, and generally gather around.  Although you may think they are only for open kitchens, if your present kitchen has sufficient space, an island can be installed. The Island Kitchen opens up the entire kitchen to the family and makes it so much more social.


This shape of kitchen is on the rise in the popularity ratings as it provides a fourth wall to be utilised.  If you are a serious cook or there is more than one cook in the house, perhaps this is the shape for you; the extra wall segment could support a counter, perhaps an island and provide extra storage facilities. If you wanted two work triangles with two sinks, two stoves or hobs and two refrigerators this could certainly be your answer. Its intention being to allow two people to cook at the same time when entertaining groups of people.

Double L-Shape

This design is for the same purpose as the G-Shape: to accommodate two cooks simultaneously. It has at least two entrance areas and provides a lot of space for counter tops giving much needed working surfaces when cooking for groups of people. It also has a lot of cabinet space. Two separate working areas are created on each L of the kitchen for ease of workflow and traffic.


Perhaps one of the most popular kitchen shapes because it enables a good traffic flow, the L-Shape lends itself for use in small and large kitchens. The L-shape kitchen provides the option of a centre island – space permitting. The usual layout would be for the refrigerator to be placed at one end, with the stove or hob at the opposite end, and with the sink located in the middle. Obviously, there would be several appliances on the long wall.


The U-Shape is probably the most popular of kitchen shapes. It comprises three walls with the sink in the middle wall. The stove or hob and the refrigerator are each located on the opposite side walls, though not necessarily directly opposite each other. This layout provides for sufficient counter top area plus cabinets and appliances. One of the reasons for the U-Shape being so admired that that it present a most efficient work triangle. Despite its tendency to be dark, good lighting always is the answer to brighten any layout.


Popular in homes where space is limited, this snug Galley-Shape is rather like a corridor. Generally the layout consists of having the cabinets and appliances on opposite walls with the stove or hob on the opposite wall to the one where the refrigerator and sink are located. Clearly, there is only room for one cook in this kitchen. In fact, it’s usually best to place the refrigerator near the entrance/exit end of the kitchen so that family and friends can get cool drinks, etc., from the refrigerator without slowing down the person who is cooking. Kitchen cabinets that go all the way to the ceiling are the solution for extra storage in this Galley Shape. A fold away stepladder is a speedy way to reach the upper cabinets – which would contain items infrequently used.

Kitchen by Design has many more shapes and layouts for you to consider. Call us to see what your choices are.