Tips on Making Small Kitchens Look Bigger

Tips on Making Small Kitchens Look Bigger

Tips on Making Small Kitchens Look Bigger


Heads Up

If your kitchen is a little too snug for your liking, there are a number of ways you can remedy the situation without it costing you a fortune. Think about your needs in a realistic way or, better yet, call us and we’ll do all the thinking and renovating for you. Below are just a few ideas that might get you on the phone to us and turn you tiny kitchen into a space that does a much larger job.


Going Up?

Beautiful cupboards can look more like furniture that people realise. Building high for storage purposes, with good looking wooden cabinetry, could make your kitchen more fashionable and functional.


Opening Up

Conversely, you could build upwards but instead of the above you could give the space a more airy fashion by using open shelves, instead of upper cabinets. With shelves and working surfaces made from metal it will put a real shine on things and make your tiny space look open and shiny clean.


Storing Up

If you just need extra working surfaces then have a countertop made from poured concrete to cover all your cabinets at ground level. You’ll be surprised at how this transforms your kitchen into a user friendly working area.


Matching Up

Having your floor and cabinets made of the same wood not only makes your kitchen look larger but also gives it that one of a kind look that designer kitchens boast. This would turn your kitchen into a must see, little jewel.


Lighting Up

Small fluorescents used in a vertical position in the dark cupboard corners and other shady places will make your kitchen lit up and easy to work in whilst giving it a magical look of charm.


Shining Up

Well placed mirrors can work miracles in small spaces. For example, a mirrored backsplash or, even better, splash out and have your cupboard doors mirrored. Have mirrors fitted instead of tiles around the whole kitchen from hip to shoulder height or higher. This will open up your kitchen beyond all expectations.


Opening Up

Have a section of the wall removed to open up onto the dining room or lounge section of your home. Make the open part bigger than a serving hatch and you’ve got yourself a breakfast bar. Voilá! You now have instant extra space making your kitchen lighter, airier, larger and more function.


Linking Up

If your kitchen already has a breakfast bar or opens out onto the dining area, then simply match the colour of the walls paint and the colour of the seating upholstery, whether stools or chairs and once again, immediately your kitchen seems more spacious and certainly more fashionable.


Measuring Up

When space is limited and you have chairs in that area, always choose chairs without arms. They take up far less space and make serving and eating much easier.


Wising Up

In other words, small can be special and stylish, serviceable and sought after; it’s just a matter of redesign to suit your own individual needs.

Brighten Up and call us at Kitchen by Design – we have ideas that can turn your kitchen into a smart place with enough space to cook up whatever your family needs!