Modern Kitchen Designs for Any Home

Modern Kitchen Designs for Any Home

Sleek. Stylish. Minimal. These are just a few of the most common words architects like to use when describing modern kitchen designs. The modern design aesthetic is becoming increasingly popular in a variety of homes for a few reasons:

  • The style is timeless – no need to renovate as often
  • Works well with any size floor plan
  • Provides a crisp, clean design appeal

More and more, homeowners are choosing to keep kitchen designs functional, while using concealed storage options to enhance any space. Modern kitchen designs are most defined as using a monochromatic colour scheme, fluid lines and smooth, sleek surfaces with minimal clutter on countertops.

Choosing Accents for Modern Kitchen Designs

One of the key elements to modern kitchen designs is the use of structured cabinetry, angular countertops and stainless steel fixtures. Round, circular design elements are not often found in modern kitchens – the more industrial the look, the better! Two of the most popular materials to use throughout a modern design are slate for countertops or flooring, with metal or lacquered wood cabinets. Another way to incorporate modern accents into a kitchen is to use contemporary materials and textures, such as leather in table seating or glass backsplash tile.

Designs for Any Kitchen

One of the unique aspects of modern kitchen designs is it works well for any sized space. For small kitchens in particular, the simplicity and clutter-free vibe makes smaller kitchens appear more spacious. Only the essentials are placed on countertops, such as small appliances, while everything else is concealed in storage containers behind cabinet doors. Recessed lighting is another stylish way to illuminate a kitchen without taking up precious space.

Consider using modern kitchen designs in your space – the elegance and simplicity in the design is one that cannot be matched through other style options.

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