Simple Steps to Take For Kitchen Renovation

Simple Steps to Take For Kitchen Renovation

You’ve decided now is the perfect time for a kitchen renovation – but where do you begin? For many homeowners, renovations of any size are a daunting task, especially for those who don’t have any experience with remodels or demolitions. Whether you plan on starting from scratch or want to make a few minimal changes to your kitchen, these renovation tips will help you stay on track and checking off the to-do list!

Kitchen Renovation Design

Before you even think about moving forward in the kitchen renovation process, you need to decide what style you want to transform the space into – think about cabinet styles, floor layouts, appliances and even accents, such as countertops, islands, storage and lighting. Once you get an idea of what you want in the space, you can write down the proper measurements and decide how you are going to alter the space. For major renovations, it is often worth hiring a contractor to do the work for you!

Step-By-Step Process

The kitchen renovation process can go from simple to overwhelming in no time at all if you don’t stay organized and moving along with a timeline. Here are a few steps to do in order to make the renovation process easier to manage:

  • Clear everything out of the kitchen – food, appliances, dishes
  • Remove materials from the space, such as dismantling cabinets or removing tile backsplashes
  • Re-configure any of the plumbing or electrical to accommodate the new kitchen design
  • Install new materials, appliances and flooring
  • Seal surfaces and paint
  • Clean the renovated kitchen and re-stock

Ordering custom materials or accents? Be sure to request them with plenty of time to ensure they are delivered when you need them. Materials in any kitchen renovation should hold up under excessive traffic, as the kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in the home!

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