The Right Kitchen Sink

The Right Kitchen Sink

The Right Kitchen Sink 


Many of us dont think about sinks; little realising that the right kitchen sink will make a major difference to you and your life. Consider how much you use your kitchen sink and how often youve thought if only you could have this function or that extra facility. Now you can.

Kitchen by Design can help you. All we need to know is what sink would be right for you and your kitchen. We can even help you choose the perfect match!

Ideally, it would be best to have two separate sinks – one for washing the dishes and the other one for food preparation. To make this work, these two sinks are usually situated at different places in your kitchen. However, the standard and most popular option is a two bowl sink, with the two bowls adjacent to each other.

The range of sinks available is vast and then there are the materials to choose from. In addition, to complete the look there are the taps to select from a very comprehensive choice.

To give you some idea, there are sinks that are under-mounted, and sinks that are self rimmed; sinks that are divided and sinks that are integral; stainless steel sinks and even what are known as sit-on sinks.



This style of sink is attached beneath the counter top; the countertop material forms the top edge of the sink. The countertop must be cut to exact measurements to accommodate this sink so that you get a good smooth look making cleaning easier.



This is known as either a self-rimmed or a flush-mounted sink and is a very popular installation. This style of sink can be easily utilised with almost all the available materials for counter tops and is not difficult to install.



A divided sinks with double bowls (sometimes even triple), makes cleaning up so much easier. This style is available in most of the materials and is a wonderful aide for multitasking.



Simply translates into the sink and counter top being made of the same material. This style has a good modern and clean look because there are no visible seams or joints.


Stainless Steel

This every popular material is mostly used because it has great durability and strength and if properly cared for it always looks so good. It’s reasonably prices and a no-brainer for many kitchens.



This style sits on top of the cupboards and isn’t mounted into or onto any worktop. Through new and cutting edge designs and materials, it has made a noticeable return to popularity in Europe and will soon become a firm favourite in South Africa.

Call us at Kitchen by Design as we have lots of data on a whole variety of materials and designs that will make you re-think how you feel about the kitchen sink!