Kitchen Floor Decor

Kitchen Floor Decor

Kitchen Floor Décor

During a kitchen renovation, homeowners spend a lot of time determining cabinet styles and paint colours – but the floor is often the last thing to consider. Did you know that kitchen floor décor can make a huge difference in the look and style of a kitchen? Whether you have a small or substantial budget, there are many ways kitchen floor décor enhances your space for any price. Here are some ideal floor designs that are sure to add even more style, beauty and functionality to any size kitchen:

  • Monochromatic – Many interior design specialists suggest pairing light cabinets with dark floors to balance out the palette, but a monochromatic look is classic but still very much on trend. Light wood floors – go eco-friendly by using engineered wood – pair beautifully with a light cabinet and stainless steel appliances. For those with smaller kitchens, this lighter palette does wonders in opening up the feel of the space.
  • Natural stone – There’s nothing more elegant than adding natural stone as kitchen floor décor! Honey and light-coloured travertine tiles pair wonderfully with cabinets and make cleaning quick and simple.  In high traffic kitchens, polished stone holds up well and doesn’t easily become dirty.
  • Rich wood – Dark wood flooring is one beautiful way to create a timeless look in any kitchen. Offset dark flooring with lighter cabinets – colours such as blue, white and light gray pair wonderfully with other natural elements such as stone or glass in a contemporary or traditional kitchen. It is important to protect wood floors from potential stains and spills, so always protect surfaces with kitchen floor décor like a rug.

There are endless options when it comes to kitchen floor décor – narrow down design styles, such as modern, industrial or contemporary for example, and then select the accents that pair best for a complete renovation.