Surviving a Kitchen Remodel 1

Surviving a Kitchen Remodel 1

Surviving a Kitchen Remodel 1 


Get Organised

So you've planned and ordered your remodel and now all you have to do is survive it. It sounds easy  and it can be if you've thought it through and prepared for the big upheaval.

Probably because the kitchen is the most used room in any person's home, a kitchen remodel is naturally stressful – as is any change to your house, but the kitchen affects you more so. The remodel will certainly disrupt the natural order of your life and it could be for quite a sustained period of time, depending on how radical the remodel: it certainly won't happen in a few days.

We at Kitchen By Design know what you're in for; so to try and help you stay sane during the tough times, we've put together a list of how to prepare, what to expect and how to cut down on the stress.


Lock Away The Valuables

Not because they'll get stolen, but because your home is undergoing changes. People get confused when routines are interrupted for a period of time and things get put down in places where you wouldn't expect to find them and you write them off as lost. So rather be pro-active and lock them away.


Safe Place

Things that you need but won't be using during the remodelling put them away in a safe place. Remote controls especially, spare laptops, books and other things you won't be regularly using but will need, should be put in a place so you'll always know where to find them. Once again, these are important and can be misplaced and difficult to locate once moved. Rather be safe than searching for months afterwards.


Tell the Neighbours

After all it will affect them in one way or another and having been forewarned they won't be getting in the way or coming around to find out about the noise or the strangers. They'll probably be among your greatest allies. They might bring you snacks and other sustenance and invite you around to their homes for peace and a home cooked meal.


Pack What Isn't Needed Now

All crockery, cutlery, glassware, dishes and bowls, cookware and kitchen appliances that aren't immediately needed should be packed away carefully in labelled cartons. This also applies to all foodstuffs, cans, packets, etc. If there's too much of it and you're friends with the neighbours, maybe they can help store some of it until the remodel is over.

Kitchen by Design can give you further guidance if so required. Just call us and we'll be happy to help.