Surviving a Kitchen Remodel 4 Managing the Stress

Surviving a Kitchen Remodel  4 Managing the Stress

Surviving a Kitchen Remodel  4  

Managing the Stress 


The Children

It really would be best if you and the family could get away on holiday. However, quite naturally, a lot of people like to observe the day to day changes and remain in situ. If this is you, and you have young children, try to pick a time in school holidays so you can at least prevent your kids from getting stressed out. Send them off to have fun with your parents, close relatives or friends for a while. 

They are bound to ask questions and get in the way because children have enquiring minds and want to know everything. After a while, you won't be in the mood for this. If they go away for a while – during the initial part at least, it will save both you and them from increased irritation. If your children are older – mid or late teens, they will probably be leading their own lives, doing their own things, visiting their friends and generally helping you when at home.


The Family Pets

Give the pets a treat and put them up at the appropriate pet hotel. It may cost a little but the expense will be nothing like the stress levels that you and your pets will go through if they don't leave the premises. The plus is that you can visit them on a very regular basis to show them your love and give them the reassurance they need.


Plans for the New Kitchen

While waiting for the completion and watching the remodelling, start making lists. You really need to throw out the junk – chipped plates and mugs, stained cutlery that's past its prime, cooking utensils that are bent or burnt, a clutter of fridge magnets that you don't remember choosing, dish towels and cloths that are too stained to ever look fresh or clean again; and a variety of other things that have seen better days or you had forgotten you had. Throw away, give away, and be ruthless – they have to go. These things just don't fit in to a brand new sparking fashionable kitchen.


Keep the Focus

Obviously the situation will irritate you from time to time. Being caused to 'camp out' in your own home and still deal with all the other things in your life is difficult. Keep the focus and remember this is only temporary.

See the bigger picture and envision what your life will be like on completion of your beautifully remodelled kitchen. It can be quite exciting to watch the progress and imagine the bliss of enjoying all the newness of that kitchen you helped design.

Find your sense of adventure and try to have some fun – you'll be surprised at how your perspective changes from negative to positive in a couple of hours! Just keep your sights set on the horizon and know that this is only temporary and before you know it, you'll 'wake up' in your own kitchen and the turmoil will be a thing of the past!

Kitchen by Design can make your dream of a beautiful new kitchen come true. Call and share your kitchen dreams with us and let's give your story a happy ending!