Bar and Bar Stools

Bar and Bar Stools

Bar and Bar Stools 

Breakfast Bar

If your kitchen is small and limited on options then why on opt to the modern 'breakfast bar' design? This way, the family and friends can still interact with the person doing the cooking and yet keep the kitchen uncrowded. 

Clearly, a breakfast bar isn't just used for eating purposes so your kids can do their homework, the grownups can pursue their hobbies and in the evening after the kids have gone to bed, it can double as a real bar, when your friends come round to socialise.

For all gathering purposes where people integrate on a family or friendship basis, the breakfast bar is an ideal option where space is at a premium; they are best suited to an open plan, half wall, or large serving hatch arrangement.


Bar Stools

Whilst enjoying your lunch, snacks, meals, homework, projects, hobbies or drinks, you really need to be comfortable, so the stools or chairs need to be right – as this is probably the first place you'll opt for when entering your home with either your shopping or your pc. To choose the right seating, it must be in correct proportion to the height of the kitchen counter bar top.

If your stool is too short you'll find yourself reaching up to a counter of which you can barely look over the top. On the other hand, if the stool is too high, you'll be bending and hunched down and only be able to sit there for a very limited time because of back pain.

Kitchen By Design has a lot of experience in helping their customers find the right stool at the right height with the best support and the most comfort. Our knowledge and advice will make things much easier for you. We will help you with comfort and style, in choosing between arms and no arms, swivel or stationary, back rest or not, wood, metal or plastic, and even with the selection of seat covering if you select an upholstered stool! If you decide to opt for a wood veneer, we can also assist you in the choice of finish, and the right design that blends in with the surrounding area and the overall look in your house.

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