Kitchen Handles and Accessories

Kitchen Handles and Accessories

Kitchen Handles and Accessories 

If you've never thought about the importance of kitchen door handles, then maybe you will be surprised to hear that with the right choice of handles, together with selecting accessories (Lighting, Sinks & Taps, Appliances, Colour Scheme) that complement each other, your kitchen can display a cutting edge designer look.

Door and cupboard handles are key to giving your kitchen that 'finished' look. All over the world Designers work at innovative and functional ideas for these little details that we so take for granted as to not to notice them.

If Fashion Designers can display a new look on the catwalk by changing the accessories on their clothing ranges, then we at Kitchen By Design can give you 'the look' do doing similarly with your kitchen.

Whether it's a brand new fitted kitchen or a facelift on an existing kitchen, have you stopped and imaged what a difference some stylish door handles and accessories will make? You will be stunned at the vast range of handles you have to choose from.

There are square line, arch, bar, bow, curve, ornate, and then there's a whole range of knobs – ball, cylinder, mushroom, ornate and these are just a few of the most popular types. Remember that in addition to the style, there's a variety of widths, patterns, sizes and materials in wood, plastics, resins, and metals.

Good choices from a wide range will not only add to the appearance but also the functionality. Our Experts at Kitchen By Design will guide you in this selection.

When you see the upmarket facelift affect that door and cupboard handles will have on your kitchen, in no time at all you'll be looking critically at your taps, lighting and appliances!

Call us at Kitchen by Design to get 'the look'. We know how to raise the general appearance of your kitchen to the next level.