Kitchen Design Ideas

Kitchen Design Ideas

Kitchen Design Ideas

Often, when you want to redesign your existing kitchen it’s because either you want to increase its functionality, you want it to be more space efficient, or you simply want a different look.

Once you’ve decided what you want, it’s a good idea to stop and think about what you need. Take into consideration your lifestyle, the flow of traffic in and out of the kitchen and your budget. Maybe you could collect photos of kitchens that have sections that appeal to you and make a list of the ideas you have considered so as to get a selection of concepts to consider.

There are so many options to think about when contemplating a new look kitchen design that a combination of some or all of the items discussed below could bring about a wonderful facelift that makes you want to spend more time in the kitchen with family and friends:


Replacing your countertops would give your kitchen an immediate makeover. Today’s materials are amazingly beautiful yet durable – some more than others. Granite and quartz countertops speak of timeless elegance; whilst concrete, limestone and stainless steel are regarded by some as being a little trendier. Whatever your taste, there’s something out there to make your kitchen look special and to please both you and your pocket.


Replacing your cupboards would update the look of your kitchen and the styles, materials and finishes available today are outstanding. Then there are the designs which are so wonderful you will need time to choose. You could go with old world dark wood or a lighter brighter look. Frosted cabinets could give a really modern feel, while painted cabinets are a nice fresh touch whilst being truly economical.

Adding more cupboards would immediately give you a different look and supply more valuable, and always needed, storage space in your kitchen. This means that all your cookware, bakeware and small appliances will have their own space.

Tiles and Splashbacks

Rethink the tile and splashback situation and give more impact to your kitchen. Change the existing tiles for a more modern look, or have tiles fitted where there were none before to update your kitchen and make it easy to keep clean. You could use mosaic tiles for a splash of colour or accent tiles to give it your personalised kitchen design look.

Colour Scheme

When considering a new colour scheme, you could do a whole colour make-over or have accented colours to make things pop in different sections of the kitchen. Change the surfaces or finishes, or use different materials and textures to bring in that new colour combination that gives you the look of a bright new upbeat basic kitchen, or an offbeat vibrant funky modern chic kitchen, or create the glow and gloss, the warmth and luxury of elegant classic kitchen.


Modern day appliances bring wonderful colour vibrancy and impact, and play a big part in increasing the kitchen’s functionality and generally upgrading. There are so many appliances on today’s market that are more advanced and designed to serve your needs in a superior fashion.  Adding to that advantage are the wonderful designs, hi tech durable finishes and colour ranges that can make them stand out as accent pieces or blend in with any colour scheme.

Kitchen Sinks

Often overlooked, yet an essential part of the working kitchen is the Kitchen Sink. There are so many styles of sinks available you can get spoiled for choice. Maybe this would be the time to consider getting a sink that would really suit your family’s needs in the kitchen and make a sleek and stylish statement at the same time.


Don’t forget the flooring. It takes a lot of wear and tear and is not just functional. The visual aspect it provides gives the kitchen another valuable dimension. It can be warm or cold, bright or plain. It can be smooth or textured, There are so many different materials to choose from and as many designs and different looks you can achieve that you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the choices that await you.

Changing Spaces

You could even change spaces by opening up a wall for a breakfast bar or a removing it completely to have a through area incorporating the dining room or lounge to give a more open feel. Perhaps you want to remove a door and open up that part of the wall for easier flow of traffic through the kitchen

Kitchen Designer

Before you start implementing your new kitchen design by calling in architects and getting estimates from builders, and plumbers, electricians and painters, or any other general contractors, first get the input of a Kitchen Designer.

Kitchen Designers are the experts in these matters and their knowledge is invaluable to you at this point. They are experts in kitchen design, they have more kitchen design ideas than anyone else, and a consultation with them will remove your confusion and point you in the right direction.

Being practical and realistic, and also full of flair and creative concepts, they will update you while advising, guiding and re-assuring you. With a new intake of kitchen design ideas you could well end up with a wonderfully innovative designer look for your kitchen that you never thought would be possible or within your reach!