How to make a perfectly Fried Egg

How to make a perfectly Fried Egg

How to make a perfectly Fried Egg 



One or more eggs



  •  Heat the skillet or frying pan over medium heat. You should be able  to  feel the heat when you hold your hand about 4 inches above the  skillet
  •  Place a small amount of butter in the skillet. As the butter melts,  spread it around the inside bottom of the pan with your spatula
  • When the butter foam subsides, crack an egg (or the eggs, one at a time) into the pan
  • Set a timer for 4 minutes. (If you want the white to set more quickly, cover loosely with a lid.)
  • After 4 minutes, use the spatula and take the egg out of the pan. The underside of the white should be nicely browned and the yolk should be just set

Alternative Method

  • As above
  • Put more butter into the pan
  • As above
  • Use the spatula and baste the egg(s) with the melted butter
  • When cooked, slip the spatula underneath and just drain the egg(s) before lifting out of the pan and plating

Eggzactly the way you like ‘em!