How do you make Creamy Smooth Scrambled Eggs

How do you make Creamy Smooth Scrambled Eggs

How do you make Creamy Smooth Scrambled Eggs 



Fresh eggs (you need three for one person, less than that and they cook too fast)
1 teaspoon unsalted butter (or more)
Cream (not essential but it makes the dish smoother; instead you could use a little milk but rather not)
Chopped fresh herbs (optional)


  • Choose the smallest saucepan or sauté pan you have. It should be nonstick or heavy, with a good solid bottom to evenly distribute heat

  • Decide how many eggs you want and break them into a small bowl.

  • You can add some cream to help buffer the eggs - about 1 teaspoon of cream per egg. (If you don’t use cream, be awarethat milk could make your eggs a little rubbery).

  • Before you beat your eggs, heat your small pan over low heat, and add a small knob (about a teaspoon) of butter. Let it melt.

  • Beat the eggs thoroughly. This is important. The mixture should look evenly yellow — not patchy and half-mixed. If you are using cream, whisk it in now.

  • The butter should now be melted and evenly distributed in the pan. Any foam will have subsided.

  • Pour in the eggs and make sure the heat is really low

  • Depending on the amount of eggs you use and the size of your pan, you should now plan on cooking the eggs for about 15 minutes

  • The more frequently you stir the eggs, the more custard like and creamy they will be. If you stir constantly they will turn out almost like a creamy pudding! 

  • When the eggs are dry and cooked enough for your taste, season lightly with salt and pepper, and stir in fresh herbs if you like. (Chives are good for this purpose)

Eggstremely satisfying!