Classic Kitchens Still Offer That Wow Factor

Classic Kitchens Still Offer That Wow Factor

Classic Kitchens Still Offer That Wow Factor

When you hear the term ‘classic kitchens’ do you think old-fashioned? Passé? Been there, done that? It doesn't have to. In fact, it's none of these. A classic kitchen is a design style that doesn't rely on a specific generation, era, or building style. It's ageless. A classic kitchen doesn't have a design or feel that will identify it as belonging to a specific decade or era of building and construction style.

Nevertheless, classic kitchens are not classified so much as a definitive style or layout, but in the essentials that can make your kitchen as optimized, functional, and efficient as possible.

Defining classic is in the eye of the beholder

Classic kitchens and designs can and often equate to high quality craftsmanship, woodworking skills, and the use of unique and sometimes exquisite use of materials, as well as a variety of products that can include cabinetry, countertops, and flooring.  Classic examples of countertops include but are not limited to natural stone, quartz (a number of varieties) or laminate. The same goes for cabinetry; dark wood, white wood, or anything in between - plain, carved, or smooth.

So what exactly goes into classic kitchens? Classic kitchens are often defined as a kitchen where you or your visitors cannot pinpoint an exact era of origin, and because of their design, will never go out of style. Therefore, when thinking about classic kitchens and design, opt for durable colours, materials, and cabinetry that will stand the test of time, changes in trends, and make good use of the overall shape of your kitchen in order to achieve that highly desired "understated elegance" that everyone would like to see in their own kitchen.

Whether you're designing a remodel or renovation, or starting from scratch, many of today's homeowners opt for classic kitchens when it comes to layout, appliances and function. That way, your kitchen will be "up-to-date" today as well as tomorrow or ten years from now.