What to Know about Designing Modern Chic Kitchens

What to Know about Designing Modern Chic Kitchens

What to Know about Designing Modern Chic Kitchens

What is meant by modern chic kitchens? As with any building style, for some, it's a matter of semantics. Today, the modern kitchen design incorporates contemporary style, or something that's non-traditional, but may depend on the age, attitudes, and definitions of the term ‘modern’ that an individual has.

Modern chic design options

When defining modern chic kitchens, many people today think sleek, seamless, and functional. Modern chic may define something that lacks embellishment and serves the ultimate in functionality. In other words, when you define modern chic kitchens, you may think of something that is unembellished, plain, or stark. It's all a matter of preference.

Frameless cabinetry is a perfect example of modern chic in kitchen design today. Known as the Euro-frameless, full overlay, or overlay, such cabinetry is often flush with walls.  Such cabinetry may have a glass door or no doors at all, and serve simply for optimal function and convenience rather than appearance. The same goes for flat panel doors, sleek hardware, stainless steel appliances, and flush-in-wall installations.

As beauty is in the eye of the beholder, modern chic kitchens may be rather plain to some, but also emphasize the natural beauty of a variety of materials used in construction and design of a modern kitchens, whether that beauty is found in the unadorned and unstained grain of wood, or in the veins found in a natural piece of marble.

About orientation

One of the leading trends in modern chic kitchen design today is to emphasize horizontal lines, meaning that countertops and the layout of drawer cabinets and appliances are set more on a horizontal line than vertical lines. Sleek styles or minimalist furniture styles also enhance the appearance and ambience of modern chic kitchens. They're simple, functional, and typically one-toned in black, silver, or white, though other solid colours may certainly add a splash of life to an otherwise ‘stark’ layout.