Space Saving Kitchen Designs for Small Kitchens

Space Saving Kitchen Designs for Small Kitchens

You have a small kitchen, but that does not mean you should feel limited in how you utilise your space! There are plenty of kitchen designs for small kitchens that provide homeowners with adequate storage and bright aesthetic options, which take the space from feeling cramped to just right. Don’t let a small floor plan leaving you feeling like you don’t have any style options – there are plenty of space-saving tips from home decorating experts that give you elegance while accommodating your limited dimensions.

Choose Appliances Wisely

Are you a passionate chef in your home kitchen? A small floor plan shouldn’t stand in your way of incorporating high-end appliances into the space. Some of the top name brands in luxurious appliances – as well as those in mid-level ranges – often make smaller-scale appliances, which fits perfectly in with a smaller kitchen. Other space-saving kitchen designs for small kitchens include opting for a single bowl sink over a double, as it will provide you the right amount of function without taking up precious counter space.

Minimalist Kitchen Designs

One easy way to accommodate kitchen designs for small kitchens is to use minimalist hardware. While it might seem like cabinet hardware isn’t that big of a deal, it really is! Cut down on visual clutter and make moving around even easier without worrying about clunky knobs or handles popping out from cabinets and drawers. Sleek, stylish hardware helps keep the eye moving around a small space, which is the ideal effect in a smaller kitchen. Another way to maximize the space is to ensure the cabinets are installed all the way up to the ceiling – avoid that dreaded, useless gap of space between a cabinet and ceiling.

Kitchen designs for small kitchens is completely possible and simple with a few stylish enhancements!