Flat Pack

Flat Pack


Flatpack Kitchens are in a class of their own. If you enjoy DIY or simply wish to save some money, assembling and installing your own kitchen gives you the opportunity to do just that and you get to create your own special touches that will give your kitchen a unique look!

You don’t need to be an expert handyman; KBD flatpacks are easy to assemble with clear instructions that are easy to read, understand and execute. You’ll have fun assembling these kits by yourself, with a friend or with a family member; all you need are a few basic tools.

Enjoy the advantages of having a great kitchen at a small price. KBD doesn’t skimp on the quality but simply by assembling it yourself you’re saving on factory labour costs!

The KBD flatpacks offer you all the benefits of a wide selection of sizes, colours, finishes and materials from which to choose. Plus they are easily stored which puts you in control as you can do the assembling when you’re ready to spend time and have fun. We deliver throughout Africa so place your order now!

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