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Basic Kitchen


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A Basic Kitchen is uncomplicated, straightforward, and has a functional design. Basic Kitchens are all about start up practicality. They have no frills or fuss, nor are they attention getters, or top range budget breakers. They are there to serve a simple purpose and supply the elementary needs of a standard kitchen. Basic doesn’t necessarily mean cheap, it can be minimalistic and high quality. In fact, Basic is all about simplicity.

They are ground floor bare necessity providers that blend with their surroundings and fade into the background being nothing if not functional. Such Basic Kitchens are a great foundation and starting point for add-ons at a later stage. Meantime they provide a working centre for cooking, cooling, freezing, chopping, mixing, storing and so on.

Nothing says Basic quite like the no fuss, no frills, practical function of a kitchen that means business without the bandwagon. If you want a plain and simple kitchen that delivers on function and can be prettied up later, then the Basic Kitchen can’t be beaten for price and practicality.


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